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Online channels

We get the most out of online channels. We believe in the power of a comprehensive use of paid, owned and earned media using the ideal mix to attract and retain customers and to strengthen brands. Performance and measurability are always at the heart.

Instead of seeing digital marketing as a channel-specific service, we focus on the online marketing mix as a whole. This means each channel has its own properties, top-of-funnel content or a close relationship with the conversion. By using smart optimisation, we can increase the impact of your online marketing budget.

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PPC is an efficient, measurable and profitable way of getting the best ROI from your campaigns. No channel is as close to the conversion as PPC, and we specialise in ensuring a return from this channel. At Oogst, we work in accordance with a unique PPC strategy and are active in the most competitive markets each day.

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Search engine optimisation focuses on improving relevance and authority. We look further ahead than keyword rankings: at Oogst, ROI metrics are central in providing a direction to SEO. We provide the right mix of top quality content, technique and authority so that you can make the most of organic search traffic.

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Display and Programmatic

With display advertising, you can reach your target group at the right time, via the right channel and with the right message. Oogst uses display advertising as a scalable 1-on-1 communication. With our best-in-class systems, networks and technologies, we help you be present in every stage of the customer journey, from prospecting to retargeting and retention.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective channel with a low level of financial risk, given that you only pay once a conversion has been made. At Oogst, we focus on demonstrable profitable contributions from affiliates, networks and comparison sites. Using a affiliate programme, customised remuneration and evaluation on added value, we create campaigns and ensure they offer a return.

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Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising offers a range of options to strengthen market experience and focus on reaching the right target group. By careful use of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, we can help you gain measurable results from sales and leads. Oogst provide an integrated social media approach with the right balance between content creation and pure advertising.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is primarily suited for linking customers and generating profit and yields. We offer you effective email campaigns as an integral part of the customer journey: segmented, personalised and trigger-based. Oogst provides data analysis, campaign design and optimisation. A fully autonomous and transparent system.