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Data and technology                         

Digital analytics is the foundation for everything we do. Oogst provides services relating to Web analytics, conversion optimisation, attribute modelling, dashboarding and reports, DMPs and data feed optimisation.

We’re mad about figures. In addition, we have a clear idea of how we can use the enormous quantity of data stemming from online behaviour, interactions and CRM. We use this data to optimise channels and media. Using smart technology, we reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time. In doing so, we focus on relevance, create value and save costs.

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Digital Analytics

Insight starts with reliable data. This means that digital analytics is an important component of our service provision. We assess, manage and improve the results of online campaigns and translate goals into comprehensive reports. Our DA team offer 24/7 hands-on expertise, training and advice relating to digital analytics, e-commerce and data analysis.

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Dashboarding and Reports

High-impact decisions are best made based on current, detailed and real-time data. Oogst provides an insight into how your company is performing. We collect all your data into one central dashboard: Oogst Insights. This provides a clear, comprehensive view of your objectives right away. Our experts can help you set up the right strategy and KPIs and measure and improve results, and provide advice on improving your online performance.

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Best-in-class tooling

We have smart technology and software for the efficient management of large-scale campaigns and internal processes. We are independent of software providers and for every issue, we offer a range of options on demand so that we can always offer custom advice.

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Data Management Platforms

Oogst provide a relevant, effective use of your marketing channels using smart data. We use DMPs to link a range of data sources to a single efficient marketing automation system. We’re experts in Relay42 implementations and in linking data warehouses and online channels. Oogst makes data actionable by translating target groups, events and triggers into specific messages, using channels and optimised customer journeys.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Would you like to achieve profit growth with the same visitor numbers? Conversion optimisation involves converting visitors into customers, or, in other words, improving your online profit. The foundation for this is systematically testing content, shopping streets, propositions and targeting. Oogst improves conversion and engagement with a consistent programme of setting hypotheses, implementation and testing variables, performing measurements and analyses.

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Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360 is an enterprise solution that offers a world of options for the big business user. Guaranteed 24/7 service, super-quick data processing, access to unsampled and raw data, and much more.