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Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing has to be relevant. We believe in the power of an integral use of paid, owned and earned media in the ideal mix of bringing in customers, keeping those customers and strengthening brands. A solid digital marketing strategy is essential for this.

Consumers are more and more demanding and expect brands to provide an increasingly more relevant customer experience. Brands ensure that they have a sleek website, prompt delivery and superb service, but the communication toward target groups is often rather fragmented and does not meet their needs. In our approach we always put the customer first, in both strategy and implementation. This way, we make each and every interaction between brand and consumer more relevant, the customer experience more personal and the campaign more effective. 

Companies invest a great deal of attention into their customers, and rightly so. This could take the form of a sleek website, prompt delivery and superb service. However, communication with regards to target groups is all too often fragmented. It is often the case that customers as a whole are exposed to irrelevant messages via retargeting and that channels are not attuned to behaviour and purchasing intention. This compromises the brand, causes irritation and costs an unnecessary amount of money.


Omnichannel approah

We specialise in reaching the right target groups via paid, owned and earned media. We strive for a maximum impact via all channels: website, display, Google, social and e-mail, via a smartphone, desktop and tablet. To achieve this we work with an omnichannel approach to ensure this optimal customer experience. Our strategists break through the silos with creativity driven by data, data management platforms, analytics and well thought out methodologies.


Mastering the Customer Journey

Creativity driven by data forms the basis for relevant advertising. Based on customer and behavioural data the customer contact and every related expression can be aligned with the customer journey of this particular customer. This ensures that you show the right message to the right person at the right moment. We are experts in shaping the journey of the online customer and the implementation of Data Management Platforms. We will help you with scalable, one-to-one communication, centrally managed with a consistent message


Our Online strategy approach

We will ensure an effective and data-driven online marketing strategy based on your awareness, traffic, sales or retention goals and KPIs, according to structured and proven methodologies. We will help you to explore the technology and processes and build positive business cases. Our experienced consultants implement, monitor and optimise the different digital marketing activities and technologies. We also organise the necessary workshops and training courses for your employees to achieve the maximum result.