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Google Marketing Platform

Nowadays consumers are very demanding and expect an increasingly relevant customer experience. An integrated marketing approach ensures that you can distinguish yourself and put the customer first. With the Google Marketing Platform you can reach your consumer at the right time and channel with the most suitable ad.

In the Google Marketing Platform, Google's advertising, analysis and target group management products are bundled together. Oogst is an accredited partner of the Google Marketing Platform and our integration with Merkle makes us the largest reseller in Europe. Our Oogst Team makes the difference through experience and commitment. Our experienced consultants have a lot of knowledge of the different disciplines within the Google Marketing Platform and offer a fully managed service with extensive training possibilities, depending on your wishes.

Google Marketing Platform

Full Stack

The Google Marketing Platform combines analysis (Analytics 360), ad buying (Search Ads 360 and Display & Video 360), website tagging (Tag Manager 360), A/B testing (Optimize 360) and data visualization (Data Studio) in one platform. The different products are all excellent for individual use, but the real strength lies in the synergy between the different products. The Google Marketing Platform helps you bridge the gap between on-site analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization and online ads. And ultimately, it provides a simplified workflow, a sharper customer view and improved conversion distribution.

  • Central Campaign Management: Campaigns can be centrally managed and measured across multiple channels. By managing target groups in one platform, you can show users the same type of expression through different channels, you get a uniform insight into the campaign results and you do not have to learn to work with different campaign management platforms.
  • Universal attribution: It is possible to attribute across channels, for example which impressions and clicks have contributed to a conversion, which channels contribute most to website visits and where the most valuable target group is located. The anonymised log-in data provides insights into the cross-environmental effects of campaigns.
  • No discrepancies between channels: The direct server-to-server link between the different parts ensures that the data loss and the discrepancies between the products is minimal. This enables target groups to be built up without loss and provides correct insights from the various products.