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Integral Online Marketing

We specialise in providing a consistent online experience using owned, earned and paid media by working from a single, central customer profile. We drive campaigns from one central point based on data. In addition, we provide maximum impact with an attuned message through all channels: website, display, Google, social and email, using a PC, tablet or mobile.

Mastering the Customer Journey

Companies invest a great deal of attention into their customers, and rightly so. This could take the form of a sleek website, prompt delivery and superb service. However, communication with regards to target groups is all too often fragmented. It is often the case that customers as a whole are exposed to irrelevant messages via retargeting and that channels are not attuned to behaviour and purchasing intention. This compromises the brand, causes irritation and costs an unnecessary amount of money.


Stop with silo marketing!

Online channels are often designed and managed as silos. Advertisers rely on technology and data from parties such as advertiser networks, demand-side platforms and trading desks. The interaction and feedback from consumers on these advertisements is not shared between the different parties involved. In addition, they often make their own data available to several parties in order to roll out a targeted strategy.


This results in a poorly coordinated, unintelligent type of online marketing in which people are approached with the same message through a range of networks and media. In practice, consumers are being chased up for weeks by acquisition campaigns after buying (or amending) a product or service, and these campaigns are not synchronised with one another.


Scalable personalised communication

There are other ways: Data Management Platforms (DMPs) offer you the option of bringing customer contact in line with your customer's journey. This creates scalable, 1-on-1 communication, centrally managed with a consistent message.


A DMP is the central location for collecting, using and managing behavioural data (primarily online). The major benefit is that the DMP builds data that it has in its possession. This puts you in a position to work from a 360-degree customer profile, using different data sources such as websites, CRM and external data.


Nearly all digital channels can currently be controlled in this way. And in the future, when almost all media, including: TV and radio, gradually integrates digitally, the use of DMPs will only increase. A DMP combined with customer data as part of your marketing strategy is therefore a solid foundation for the future.


Is this difficult or expensive to achieve? No, it needn’t be. Integral campaign management is also possible without a DMP. We would be delighted to help you explore these technologies and processes and to build up a positive case study.