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Privacy and Disclaimer

Privacy Statement Oogst

Amsterdam, 1 May 2018


Oogst (part of Merkle, and hereinafter "Oogst") processes personal data of customers, prospects and other business contacts. We do this in order to help our customers as best we can and to achieve our objectives. In this privacy statement we explain why and how we process your personal data. If you have any questions, please contact our Data Protection Manager.

The person responsible for collecting and using your data as shown in this privacy statement is Oogst. We are located at Meeuwenlaan 98-100 in Amsterdam.

Contact details Data Protection Manager:
Maurice Vriend is Oogst Data Protection Manager. It can be contacted via maurice@oogstonline.nl.

Details Data Protection Officer:
Mark Keddie is the Data Protection Officer of Merkle Global. 

On this page you will always find the latest version of this Privacy Statement. Oogst may change this Privacy Statement from time to time. So take a look at the URL mentioned above from time to time.

What personal data do we process?

We process the following personal data:
First and last name, address, residence, telephone number, gender, email address, job title, contact history, IP address, social ID, cookie ID (about cookies you can read more in our cookiestatement) surfing behavior and other data provided by yourself in correspondence, on the website, by phone or at events. We have no intention of processing special or sensitive data about you. It is possible that you appear on photo, video and / or sound material that was registered during an event organized by Oogst or where Oogst was present. These materials can be used by Oogst in internal and/or external communication.

Why do we process these personal data?

We process personal data for the following purposes:

  • Service Provisioning

In our CRM system we keep track of which organisations are customers, with the relevant contacts. We keep various personal details of contact persons in order to perform our services as optimally as possible. For example, we keep contact details to be able to reach and inform you, job profiles to be able to provide you with the best possible information, and we process personal data for research purposes. In addition, we use your data for sending invoices. You can reach us via various channels: telephone, post, e-mail, website, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for example. In order to make this possible, we also process personal data.

  • Newsletters and mailings

We inform our customers about our own products and services via newsletters. In addition, you can register with us for various newsletters via the website. If you no longer want to receive newsletters, you can unsubscribe in any mail, send an email to marketing@Oogst.nl, or send a letter to Oogst, Meeuwenlaan 98-100, 1021 JL, Amsterdam.

  • Improve Oogst service

In order to improve our services, we also keep personal records. For example, we analyse your behaviour on the website in order to improve the website and tailor the range of services to your preferences.

  • Marketing and sales activities

Oogst processes contact data and job profiles of customers, prospects and other business contacts for marketing and sales activities.

For Oogst campaigns (and Oogst related campaigns such as events) we also process personal data. For example IP address, cookie ID, social ID and/or surfing behaviour. We do this in order to be able to show the most relevant advertisement in the right places. We also use 'adapted target groups' via social media platforms. We do this via Facebook, Twitter and via LinkedIn targeting. (Personalised) ads can be displayed on these platforms. We do not pass on any personal data to third parties for this purpose.

Storage Periods

We do not store personal data for longer than is necessary. We will retain customer data for 5 years after they terminate the agreement. In addition, we do not retain data of prospects for longer than 3 years.

Basis of processing

We process data of (future) customers for the performance of an agreement (service). In addition, we process customer and prospective data for the purpose of fulfilling the legitimate interest of Oogst. We process prospects' data mainly because we think we can do something for them. We have considered how relevant we, and in particular our products and services, can be to them.

If we process customer data on a legitimate basis, we have a legitimate interest in keeping our customers informed of our products and services, and in keeping in touch with them.

Third Recipients

We use service providers for the execution of our services. These are not 'third party recipients' but processors. For example, we use Google Analytics, Selligent and Pipedrive. These parties process personal data in accordance with the order of Oogst. We do not provide your information outside the group to third parties for marketing, sales and other business activities. Sometimes we are legally obliged to provide personal data to third parties. Furthermore, we will only provide data to third parties if we have received your permission to do so.

How we protect personal information

We take data protection seriously and have implemented appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure and unauthorized modifications. For example, we are ISO27001 certified and operate the DDMA Privacy Guarantee. If you have the impression that your data is not secure enough or if you have indications of misuse of data, please contact our Data Privacy Manager at maurice@oogstonline.nl.

Rights of data subjects

You have the right to inspect, correct and/or delete your personal data. You also have the right to withdraw your consent or to object to the processing of your personal data by Oogst. You also have the right to transferability of data portability. This means that you may request us to send you your personal data as processed by us, in a computer readable file to you or to any organisation you specify. You can send a request for access, correction, deletion, data portability of your personal data, the withdrawal of your consent or an objection to the processing of your personal data to marketing@oogst.nl.
If you think we are not acting in accordance with privacy laws, we would like to hear from you. You can also use this form to submit a complaint to the Authority for Personal Data.


The Oogstonline.com website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed on a PC, tablet or mobile phone by a web page. These cookies are used to improve the functioning of Oogst websites and to monitor web visits, so that Oogst can determine how many people have visited the website in a certain period of time. Oogst only uses this data aggregated and cannot trace it back to a PC or individual. Below you will find a list of cookies that are placed by the Oogst website and their functionality.

Necessary and functional cookies:

Functional cookies are placed to allow the site to function properly. Analytical cookies are cookies that are used to collect visitor statistics. 



Storage period

Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google Inc. These cookies allow Oogst to view the visit to the website. Think of visitor numbers, popular pages and topics. In this way, Oogst can better gear the communication to the needs of the website visitors. Oogst cannot see who (which PC) is visiting her website. As a provider of the service, Google can do this. More information about Google Analytics cookies can be found on the next page. Additional information about the TOS (Terms of Service) of Google Analytics can be found here.

 2 years



Relay42 uses this cookie to remember whether or not you accepted cookies after a cookie was notified.

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Marketing cookies:

Marketing cookies are cookies that are used within a domain or across different domains to record the surfing behaviour of visitors. In the end, these can be used to make specific offers. These cookies are only placed if you give your permission.



Storage period





If you have previously allowed cookies and want to reject them or allow cookies, you can reset your browser settings. Most of the most commonly used browsers have this functionality.

*This cookie enables us to track the number of page visits and traffic sources so that we can optimize our website performance.

*Keep track of which page was visited before departure so that this page can be optimized.

*Keeps session related data, such as time on the site, which page was visited, etc.


Oogst CMS



Oogst CMS uses cookies to various cookies to modify visitor's cookie to customize content to the preferences of visitors and to ensure logging in.

*Used to customize content to the preferences of visitors

*Session-related cookies such as login, language settings, etc.

*Data to keep track of the channel through which the visitor comes.




AddThis makes it possible to share pages with Twitter and Facebook, among others. Used to track which share buttons have been used and how often the pages have been shared. No data is shared with AddThis.



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Used to make media used by Facebook transparent (including the measurement of conversions) and to display relevant advertisements based on website behaviour and/or recent searches. 

 1 year



Used to make media used by AdWords transparent (including the measurement of conversions) and to display relevant advertisements based on website behaviour.

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Used to make media used by LinkedIn transparent (including measuring conversions) and to display relevant advertisements based on website behaviour. 

 2 years

Online Succes


Used to make website behavior transparent.

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Deleting cookies

The easiest way to delete your cookies is through your web browser. Below you will find a link per browser to the way in which you can delete cookies.

Deleting cookies in Internet Explorer

Deleting cookies in Google Chrome

Deleting cookies in Mozilla Firefox

Deleting cookies in Safari.

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